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We are the first 100% free platform that allows Musicians to submit their original music via a link, to Music Professionals at NO COST! As it should be.

We also allow Music Industry Professionals i.e. Music Supervisors, Publishers, and Promoters to place listings describing the EXACT MUSIC they are looking for to complete their projects.


No more inbox filled with 1000’s of random submissions!


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What We Have Found


At SyncMusicFree.com, we identified a trend of problems associated with the music submission process for both Musicians and Industry Professionals such as: Music Supervisors, Music Promoters, etc.  

Here is what we found: Musicians looking to submit their original music for Sync Licensing opportunities such as: Movies, Advertisement, TV, Video Games, Record Labels, or Rosters would track down Industry Professionals regardless of their niche within the industry and submit their entire music library  into the Industry Professional’s inbox. The Industry Professional would then be left with a lot of random great music that they were not able to place, due to it not being what their client needed.

-OR- the Musician would stumble onto a website where they could find ads placed by Industry Professionals, but were expected to pay to submit each track.


What We Have Done


We find reputable Industry Professionals that are in need of quality original music to place listings on our site describing the exact type of music they need for their project. This in return eliminates the guess work and FEES for the Musician’s, and allows the Industry Professional to find the music they need without going through thousands of random submissions in their inbox. Once an Industry Professional finds a song they like, they can contact the Musician through our site to negotiate a deal. We take no cut from Musician Royalties, nor claim any rights to the Musicians music. Our operational costs are gained through donations, and by selling ad space to e-commerce businesses and Google Ads, Not Musicians.




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